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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) computer software are designed to streamline operations in all business areas within an organization, and it is therefore important that the entire implementation process, from planning to change management, be handled by a professional. Managing ERP projects is a complex and expensive undertaking when one factors the anticipated change to the organization, software acquisition costs, the need to deliver on time and within budgetary constraints, while ensuring compliance with multiple sectors around which the organization operates, stakeholders’ interests as well as potential future implications to the organization.


Architectural Solution Design: Because ERP solutions impact the entire organization, it is important that from the onset, the organization gets to visualize the far-future state and from thence, it is able to tell how well the technology of today supports the transition to that future state while at the same time appreciating the technological changes that are inevitable in the ICT world. With our pool of ICT experts and a network of sector players, we are able to help your organization design a sustainable and agile ICT architecture, one that is fit for today and seamlessly transitions operations to tomorrow.

Planning and Process Management: Because we have expertise in the implementation of ERP solutions, and by following best practices, we take responsibility for entire process including planning the project, ensuring each step is done correctly, and that the implementation is completed within a specific time frame.

We track the progress of the implementation process, ensuring that any issues identified during the implementation are dealt with expeditiously, minimising risks to the implementation process and the overall project, and with minimal disruption to the business. Noxxan has experience in managing stakeholder relations, where we provide them with a platform to discuss any concerns that they may have as well as share input into the project as it progresses, so that everyone is learning at the same time.

Communication and Change Management: Because all stakeholders in the organization – whether internal or external – will be impacted by the ERP software, it is important for the organization to continuously engage

all in terms of the expected benefits to the organization as well as to themselves. We also use the same platform to provide the stakeholders with updates on the ERP project as the implementation evolves. We prioritize stakeholders’ concerns, weighed against the anticipated benefits from the ERP implementation and with an objective of promoting acceptance of the ERP project. Our tested approach to project management has proven that while change is inevitable, ERP implementations can significantly minimize resistance to change and disruption to business operations if communication to stakeholders is prioritized.

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