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QloApps: Streamline your hotel business like never before!

Noxxan is an authorized reseller of QloApps, a software that offers various integrated hotel software solutions including PMS, a booking engine, and a booking website. It is a customizable and ideal solution for managing all types of properties including hotels and resorts, vacation rentals, hostels, B&B, caravans, camps, apartments, etc. QloApps provides a user-friendly interface with comprehensive components and diverse features. Core features of QloApps include:

Property Management System:

QloApps provides you with an efficient PMS using which you can easily manage all your online reservations and ease your hotel’s daily operations. The PMS offers features like:

Property Management System

  • Multiple Hotel and Property Management
  • Customer Management
  • Online and Offline Hotel Bookings Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Discount Management
  • Refund Management
  • Integration with QloApps Channel Manager
  • Translate into multiple languages

Booking Engine with Dynamic Booking Website:

With QloApps, launch your hotel’s attractive and user-friendly booking website and allow guests to book your hotel online. It will help in increasing your hotel’s reach, and improve your hotel’s online presence. The website comes with various features like:

Booking Engine with Dynamic Booking Website

  • Online hotel reservation management
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Theme Customizations
  • Secure payment management through Payment Gateways
  • Integrated Booking Engine

Alerts and Notifications

Reporting and Analytics:

QloApps provides you with insightful statistics and reports to monitor your hotel’s performance and draft appropriate future growth strategies.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Built-in Reporting and integration
  • Full Analytics for hotel performance
  • Detailed statistics with visually appealing graphs
  • Daily operations reports

Reporting and Analytics2

QloApps Addon:

Increase the features and functionality of your website and PMS by integrating QloApps Addons. We offer a diverse range of add-ons that can help you increase your hotel’s management efficiency, save time, and accelerate the growth of your hotel business. QloApps offers various add-ons such as:

Staff Management

  • QloApps front desk addon, through which you can add a calendar interface on the dashboard to manage all your front desk operations from a single calendar.
  • QloApps Marketplace Addon will help you create a marketplace of hotels.
  • QloApps Tours and Packages Addon allows you to create and sell tours and packages on your hotel booking website and increase your source of revenue.

Please contact us to learn how Noxxan-customized version of QloApps can add value to your hotel business.