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Noxxan is an authorized reseller of ArkCase, a Case Management Solution that incorporates Enterprise Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Business Process Management. ArkCase provides a configurable platform with core components necessary to modernize an enterprise solution including content management, personalized dashboard, AI/ML, predictive analytics, reporting, and workflow. Core features include:

Automation: You are able provide your case officers with a tool that enhances their productivity and enriches organizational data processing through:

  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Monitoring Activities Per User and/or Request
  • Correspondence and Template Management
  • Duplicate Identification (Request and Document)
  • Integrated Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • Capture and Extract Data from Scanned Content (OCR)
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Dynamic Workflows
  • Document Review and Approvals
  • Integrated Document and Records Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Integrated Audio and Video Transcription
  • Time Tracking, Costing and Billing
Reporting and Analytics:
  • Portal with Self Services
  • Capture from Any Source (e.g., web, phone, email, fax, walk-ins)
  • Built-in Reporting and integration with BI tools.
  • Full Analytics for Metrics and Analyzing Insights
Security and Compliance:
  • Encryption (at rest and in-transit)
  • Role-Based Access/Permissions Control
  • Redaction: PST Extractor, Bulk Redaction, Automated Content (with exemption code) Redaction, Automated Video/Audio Redaction.
  • Full Audit Trail/Log

Please contact us to discuss and demonstrate how your organization can benefit from ArkCase.